About ATIP
Access to Information Act and Privacy Act.

Purpose of the Act:

2 (1) The purpose of this Act is to enhance the accountability and transparency of federal institutions in order to promote an open and democratic society and to enable public debate on the conduct of those institutions.


  • Canada is a free and democratic country and carries out transparency at all levels of the public sector. As a result, the Access to Information and privacy bill passed by the parliament in 1980, and as a result, Anyone who is a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or an individual or corporation currently present in Canada may submit a request pursuant to Access to Information Act and Privacy Act to any government department to obtain information about a specific case.\
  • On the other hand, To facilitate this Act, the Government of Canada introduced a system known as GCMS, and these days, the public sector and decision-makers, must by law document every single activity, communication and correspondence with an applicant and note all transaction in the Global Case Management System.


  • For those who submit an application to the IRCC, the same rule applies. Since the date, you submit an application, all transactions regarding that application, including any activities, notes, communication and decisions, must be documented into the GCMS.
  • When you request Access to Information, a dedicated division of the same government organization will process and prepare the requested information for the Requester.
  • Of course, no one can access your information without having your written consent. That is why, when we are acting on your behalf, You must authroize us to do so.
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