Who is it for?

It could be useful if:

  • Your application refused
You are a foreign national and applied for a visa and your application refused. this will help you understand exactly on what ground and what assessment your application has been refused. Rather than the auto-generated formal refusal letter which indicates some general section of the regulations.
  • Your application is still in the process and exceeds normal processing time
You have applied for any sort of immigration or citizenship, and you want to know the most recent and accurate updates on your file. Especially if it’s exceeding the normal processing time.
  • You think you might be a victim of immigration fraud
You retained an unauthorized representative service, and you think he or she may have misled or submitted fraudulent documents or misrepresented you to Immigration officials on your behalf and you want to make sure if that’s the case or not.
  • You want to prevent inconsistency in your new application
You have previously applied for a visa and now you want to submit a new application whether it's a temporary or permanent residency application or even a citizenship application and you want to avoid any mistakes in the new application.
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